How can you legally stop your car from being repossessed? One solution is Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Chapter 13 is a repayment plan filed in bankruptcy court which allows income earners to restructure debt. In a Chapter 13 plan, the iconic “repo man” must immediately stop any collection efforts to repossess your car upon the filing of the Chapter 13 papers in Bankruptcy Court.

In order to qualify for Chapter 13, you must have a source of income and demonstrate tangible prove before the bankruptcy court that you can afford to make future payments. This is why Chapter 13 is designed for individuals and families with a source of income. If income cannot be demonstrated, then Chapter 13 should not be a consideration.

Once the Chapter 13 papers are filed in Bankruptcy Court, the repossession company, “repoVehicle Repossession man”, or whoever is seeking to repossess the vehicle, must comply with the payment plan that is approved by the Court. The finance company must accept those newly proposed terms because the Court ultimately orders it.

Since the court ultimately approves the plan, the finance company has virtually no authority. However, the finance company can object to your plan if they determine that their rights according to bankruptcy guidelines have been overlooked. That is basically why it is crucial to ensure that the chapter 13 papers are prepared properly. If the finance company objects to the plan, they will likely file papers and court and possibly seek to negotiate better payment terms. In most instances, this will not happen. The Business lawyer provides business management and asset protection services to small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Chapter 13 can also be utilized as a debt consolidation tool since it allows all types of bills and debts to be included in the plan. It also allows most debts to be reduced. Chapter 13 allows outstanding balances to be reduced such as with credit cards, car loan balances, other unsecured or secured loans and utility bills. In some instances, Chapter 13 has allowed a second or “junior” mortgage to be reduced. This is not yet widely practiced in all district bankruptcy courts, but reducing a second mortgage is a realistic possibility.

Whatever, before going to commit to any of the lawyer you must have the basic knowledge about the Corporate Law & the Business lawyer.

Importance of a bankruptcy lawyer

Bankruptcy can often be filed in such a way that homes and vehicles are kept. A qualified attorney will be sure which type is better for each person’s financial hardships. The bankruptcy attorney will file proper paperwork within the court system that will stop any repossessions and/or foreclosures. You can contact Shaw defense for qualified bankruptcy lawyer here:

Bankruptcy may not be the first option when trying to avoid repossession, but it can be the final solution to keep one’s belongings when the banks are no longer willing to communicate. Hiring a bankruptcy lawyer early in the process will ensure that the possessions will be secured and that the harassing phone calls from creditors will cease.

Today, senior Citizens are confronting Bankruptcy at an alarming rate. The two fundamental reasons leading to Bankruptcy For Senior Citizens is essentially time and cash. In light of expansion costs for our typical merchandise and the way that seniors are living longer today more that ever some time recently, seniors are out living there cash increasingly. In some cases is lack of common sense, now and then is higher therapeutic expense or loss of retirement wage from organization reductions, organization closings or employments going to different nations or a blend of all.

Be that as it may, higher costs for conventional products and administrations have hit the senior national group hard. Also the more established we get the harder it gets. The Bankruptcy filings of those 75 and more seasoned has quadrupled in the course of recent years. This data is from a study by “The Buyer Liquidation Venture” which inspected an examining of non-commercial Bankruptcy documenting somewhere around 1991 and 2007.

Once more, what do we do? Numerous take full time, low maintenance employments in retail, nourishment administration, or other administration positions that compensation low wages just to make a decent living. Your attorney can help you repossession of vehicles and chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Be that as it may, increasingly of us are swinging to the PC and the web hoping to begin our own home based business. The web does not ask how old you are or what is your work history, your experience or whatever else. It couldn’t care less. You get compensated for what you do and know and nothing more.

But since of our age and generally, settled income,we don’t have a great deal of time and cash to spend on experimentation. We have to realize what we are doing the first run through around.

bankruptcy for senior Citizen

I consider most us, when thinking about a home-based business, consider multi-level marketing,Amway, Herbalife, and so on. In any case, what they instruct, going to gatherings, in-home showings, and so forth, takes the two things we don’t need to squander. Time and cash.

Once more, where do we go and what do we do? There is another framework around the local area and it called fascination advertising. At the point when done right, it’s planned so your potential customers will come to you as opposed to going after them. You turn into the chased rather than the seeker. This thus will spare all of us a huge amount of both time and cash.

Do it right, and where you are to day will be just an awful dream from where you could be or possibly well on your way a year or so from now.You merit the money related wellbeing this way to you. It is additionally something you can educate your youngsters, grandchildren how to do and let them proceed with your prosperity long after we are no more. There is a familiar adage “you can give a man a fish and he eat for the day, show him how to fish and he and his family eats evermore. What more would you be able to desert.

Bankruptcy can be even affected by divorce. You must talk to the Bankruptcy Attorney in details if there is any issue like that.

Divorce bankruptcyAt the point when a marriage closes there emerges money related issues that must be managed. Some of the time the measure of obligation is excessively tremendous and chapter 11 is left as the main choice for one or both accomplices. Be that as it may, it might be hazy whether you ought to petition for chapter 11 preceding your separation a great many. While there are advantages to every decision, recording chapter 11 and wiping out your obligation before you separation is frequently the best arrangement.

The separation announcement may set forward which life partner is in charge of an obligation and/or that a specific obligation is to be paid by the other life partner. These determinations are not as a matter of course adjusted to who is really in charge of the obligation. These separation request game plans can obscure the lines in liquidation and may not be dischargeable under the umbrella of insolvency.

What’s more, most customers need to be separated the fastest possible as expected under the circumstances and would prefer not to sit tight for a chapter 11 continuing to petition for separation. A separation with significant obligation division will take longer than one without and if either life partner documents for insolvency amid the separation, the separation procedure will stop. Applicants for chapter 11 are not in control of their obligations or resources until the insolvency is concluded so the separation court can’t advance. New York Business law can guide you more details about what you are looking for.

As should be obvious, there is no “right” response for each circumstance. Every couple and every individual must make the right decision for their specific needs. While the advantages of taking care of monetary issues and petitioning for insolvency before separation far exceed those of holding up, it is constantly best to counsel your lawyer before making the primary stride. A capable lawful expert can dissect your circumstance and give you the best guidance for you. They can likewise direct you through the procedure, regardless of which chDiveorce Bankruptcy 02oice you pick.

At the point when a separating couple has a ton of obligation, one individual may get a more prominent offer of the couple’s benefits in return for consenting to pay off a bigger part of the obligation. In these occasions, the division of obligation and resources ought to be precisely organized in the separation order, particularly when liquidation is a probability. This is on the grounds that a portion of the obligation apportioned to that individual later might be released in individual chapter 11, leaving the previous companion who petitioned for insolvency with a lion’s offer of the advantages and for all intents and purposes no obligation.

To take in more about property division and the monetary parts of separation, contact an educated family law lawyer in your general vicinity. On the off chance that you are thinking about separation, an accomplished legal advisor can guarantee that the division of benefits and obligations amongst you and your previous mate is reasonable.

Bankruptcy can often be filed in such a way that homes and vehicles are kept. A qualified attorney will be sure which type is better for each person’s financial hardships. The bankruptcy attorney will file proper paperwork within the court system that will stop any repossessions of your car and/or foreclosures.

different hoverboard colors

Hoverboards commonly referred to as self-balancing electric scooters or self-balancing two-wheeled board is typically a rechargeable portable scooter that became popular worldwide. There is serious debate about whether or not these devices should be legal or illegal. Recently, some countries like the United States have imposed legal restriction on the use of hoverboards. The devices were banned under the new legislation the was implemented in the New York City. However the community advocated in the regions affected by the law are working together with the lawmakers to ensure that they are legalized. Some countries find hoverboards very important in their society while others have banned the use of these devices on public streets.

A law in effect In California, has placed a limit on hoverboards and permits the use of hoverboards on bicycle lanes only with low speed limits, and requires protective gears such as helmets and disallows individuals who are 16 years of age and below from riding them in public. In Mecca, hoverboards were banned after a video of a traveler, using it during hajj, was posted on social media. In the Netherlands, hoverboards are allowed on public roads. In some countries and states such as England and Wales, the devices are only allowed to be used on private property ground, with the landowner’s consent. Under Section 72 of the road Highway Act 1835 hoverboards have completely been banned on public pavements, additionally, riding hoverboards on open or public streets is banned under Section 170(2) of the Road Traffic Act, 1988.

The Powerboard Electric Scooter Review has made officials reconsider whether or not boards should be legal.

The state of New South Wales in Australia has particularly prohibited the use of hoverboards on public pavements, and seriously enforces the rule of the law. Other States in Australia are yet to settle on a reasonable choice or declaration on lawfulness and implementation, and are depending on existing laws in place. With regards to the above statement it’s evident that hoverboards only face restriction laws, there is no state law that restricts the selling or ownership of hoverboards, they are being sold on online retail platform such as Amazon which means they are legal. the possession of hoverboards is still legal, riding them on public pavements and streets is what is illegal as new laws have been put forward to ensure that the self-balancing electric scooters are nowhere near the public face but rather on private property and with the consent of the landlord. The demand and supply of hoverboards is very high, they are very popular but not legal in public places, the bottom line is that hoverboards still exist because they are legal and will continue to exist in the coming centuries due to technology advancement.

Corporate law also commonly known as business law governs the operations and interactions between directors, shareholders, community, consumers and the environment. It guards the laws and regulations of a business. A business lawyer New York enlightens small business entrepreneurs with legal advice so as to enable them to make the right business decisions.

Things to Know about Corporate Law and Business Lawyers

  • A corporate lawyer explains complex laws and regulations to the entrepreneur. A small business trader may not know the legal implications of certain business decisions. Legal advice from a business attorney in New York is therefore vital while drafting contracts, bargaining leases or other commercial transactions. A business lawyer protects the interests of the small trader.
  • Public interest groups are often taken over by corporation for profit gains. An example is National Consumer League that was created to oversee the rights of children by fighting against child labor. Today it is manned by corporations and receives budgets from big corporations like Bank of America, Pharmacia & Upjohn, Pfizer, Verizon, Wyeth-Ayerst and Kaiser Permanente.
  • According to research, corporate crime is the leading source of all crimes in the society. The leading being false income tax return. Credit Suisse was forced to pay a fine of $2.6 billion while BNP Paribas paid a fine of $8.9 billion.
  • Corporate crime is violent in nature- According to reports from the FBI approximately 13,000 people are murdered each year on average. In comparison 54,000 people die at work. The perpetrators of these corporate crimes are rarely convicted.
  • Corporate crime is the least prosecuted- Once big companies are prosecuted they buy freedom by paying off an employee to spend jail time promising them large amounts of cash if they agree to take blame for the crimes committed. They ensure their interests are protected and get away with corruption and selling of illegal items. Prosecutors do not have enough resources to investigate most of these crimes.
  • Corporations often get away with offenses since they do not have to plead guilty and there are new developed means of solving cases such as the deferred prosecution
  • Agreement and the non prosecution agreement. Deferred prosecution agreement allows a company that has been prosecuted to be free of the charges on promise not to commit the crime it committed for an agreed period of time. A fine is simply given and the charges are dropped.
  • Corporate criminals are rarely charged with homicide- Despite being prosecuted often, corporate criminals are rarely convicted and buy their freedom by bribing judges and manipulating evidence.
  • There are few corporate crime prosecutors- This is because most public prosecutors only use the position as a means of getting into the corporate crime defense sector, where they are better paying opportunities. This leads to deterioration of the society and citizens supporting crimes. Corporate criminal prosecutions are not charged to the extent they deserve both from the law authorities and the society. After a corporation is charged it pays affine and charges are dropped but the danger it poses to the society is often overlooked.

We must all work together to ensure justice is served in the corporate sector. Getting a business lawyer in New York can keep your business out of legal trouble. Read more here:

Even prior to they finish, Stanford law students are taking their educations to the streets on prominent policy issues– and making a distinction.

In the Stanford Law and Policy Lab, Stanford Law School students deal with clients under the guidance of faculty professionals to develop policy options. Some describe it as a “policy incubator” for law students, the kind that offers them the devices to end up being leaders in their fields once they finish.

The idea is not just to train students to end up being exceptional legal representatives in the Stanford tradition, however likewise to teach them how to shape law and policy at regional, state, federal and worldwide levels.
Bone marrow development

The Improving Bone Marrow Donation practicum is an example of one that has currently yielded outcomes. Its origins date from October 2013 when Nalini Ambady, a Stanford professor of social psychology, tragically passed away because she could not get a bone marrow transplant in time.

Jennifer Eberhardt, a Stanford partner professor of psychology, was a good friend and colleague of Ambady, working with a Stanford center called “SPARQ”– or Social Psychological Answers to Real-World Questions– to assist Ambady discover a bone marrow match.

Due to the fact that Eberhardt doubted of the variety of laws, particularly regarding privacy, that would govern bone marrow employment, she recommended linking a law school practicum with SPARQ.

As Alana Conner, SPARQ’s executive director, put it, countless individuals die since they are not matched up with a stem cell contribution.

“Some of the ineffectiveness in the contribution process emerge because of a lack of understanding in what is and is not legally allowable in hiring and maintaining donors. This practicum assisted lose light in a commonly misconstrued area,” she noted.

During the past year, three law students registered in the practicum, which was co-led by Stanford Law Professors Mark Kelman and Larry Marshall. They dealt with two psychology grad students on school.

Kelman explained that people do not initially volunteer for bone marrow contributions at the time they complete a type; they volunteer just to be “typed” and registered in the bone marrow computer system registry. In the future, they would need to agree to donate after going through a number of other steps if they were matched to a needy client who had no other donor sources. That’s exactly what a computer system registry does.

Kelman said the most concrete result up until now has been the production of a brand-new form for individuals who volunteer for bone marrow donations, to be filled out when they first sign up, so that they might be matched swiftly in the future with patients in need.

“Our team believe that fairly subtle shifts in the phrasing of the type will certainly enhance the degree to which individuals who at first agree to be typed will certainly stay committed to contributing, and will eventually contribute if matched,” Kelman stated in an interview.

He included that he and the students are carrying out a double-blind experiment where some volunteers get the “old form” and some the revised kind.

For Kelman, the most significant challenge was making certain they discovered a client interested in enhancing the system for recruiting and retaining potential donors, and that was not an easy task.

“From the vantage point of the law school individuals, we were particularly interested that a few of the resistance to alter originated from a misapprehension of legal governing restrictions,” he included.

Marta Belcher, a law student, said the bone marrow policy lab provided her a chance to work on a national policy concern she felt enthusiastic about.

“I felt personally linked to the cause,” she stated, adding that beyond law school, she runs a nonprofit that arranges programs for teens with dangerous diseases. While many of the teens she’s dealt with have gotten life-saving transplants, some have actually passed away while they were still waiting to discover a match.

She said the policy laboratory assisted Stanford social psychologists develop a legitimately and fairly sound way for the client– an international bone marrow pc registry– to increase the variety of registrants who ultimately donate.

“Our deliverables included a legal viewpoint memo for the client relating to the proposed social psychological intervention, and a public memo focuseded on other bone marrow donation centers describing the legal regimes that govern bone marrow donation,” Belcher said.
Interdisciplinary nature

Now in its 2nd year, the policy laboratory had 137 students registered in 22 practicums taught by 57 faculty members throughout 2013-14. This year 159 students enrolled in 22 practicums led by 49 faculty.

The practicums concentrate on a variety of concerns, including international security, copyright law, patent trolls, wildlife trafficking, medicine and health, energy and the environment, social and metropolitan policy, energies policy, criminal activity and policing, and net neutrality. According to Stanford Law School, no other law school in the United States offers students this kind of policy experience on this scale.

“Numerous of our graduates will be leaders in policy arenas, and all of our graduates will certainly have to fix problems and deal with groups,” said M. Elizabeth Magill, dean of Stanford Law School. “What better place than Stanford, with its concentrate on interdisciplinary study and resolving real-world issues, to practice these essential abilities?”.

In keeping with Stanford’s interdisciplinary nature, about half of the practicums consist of students from other disciplines than law on campus.

Professors and students work in little practicum teams– the typical student-faculty ratio is 3:1– so they can customize their policy evaluation to the particular requirements of each client and issue.

As such, it represents a chance for students to engage directly with customers and produce tangible outcomes. Customers consist of the united state Department of State, the U.S. Treasury Department, the united state Copyright Office and Register of Copyrights, and the White House Council on Environmental Quality.
Wildlife trafficking.

In another Stanford Law and Policy Laboratory practicum, students produced suggestions that helped the Obama administration develop an efficient execution plan for addressing the united state function in battling the wildlife trafficking crisis. (Learn more about it in this 2014 Stanford Report story.).

Led by David J. Hayes, a seeing recognized speaker at the Stanford Law School, the wildlife trafficking practicum concentrated on how the U.S. government could treat the slaughter of tens of countless elephants and rhinos in Africa, and the illegal sales of ivory and rhino horn in the United States and other nations which are sustaining the killings.

Hayes stated, “The U.S. government embraced many of the specific suggestions made by the students’ 69-page submission in the main wildlife trafficking execution plan that the White House released on Feb. 11 of this year.”.

Law student Laura Sullivan said the experience offered students a bridge between the academic and policymaking worlds.

“I found out the best ways to think like a policymaker,” she said, “the best ways to frame and provide the concerns in a manner that will certainly maximize utility, and how to tailor my writing for the desired audience.”.


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  • You must bring your vehicle for inspection by the firm to assess it

As a client, you need to understand that the business operate in a legal environment all through. The company is licensed to give short-term loans only and not meeting long term needs. You are required to clear your loan in time so that you can evade added charges that apply when payment period has elapsed.

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houston business attorney

Most small businesses seek legal counsel only after problems arise. By that time, even the best legal services will only minimize liability and loss. Houston Business Law Group will provide proactive legal solutions and focus on shielding assets and anticipating future legal pitfalls, so that our clients can eliminate risk, loss and conflict, instead focusing on growth and stability.

Houston Business Law Group focuses exclusively on:

  • Limited liability company (“LLC”) formation and counseling
  • Risk minimization and asset growth for new and existing companies
  • Small business contract drafting and negotiation
  • Estate and Asset protection planning for individuals

Houston Business Law Group is serving corporations, small businesses, and investors in the Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill areas, and throughout the Houston. We offer big firm expertise with small firm rates and personal attention. We have extensive business experience having managed multimillion dollar budgets and dozens of employees. Whether it be resolving operational or financial challenges, navigating insurance issues, or managing growth, we know business. Using this experience, we will create a custom-tailored litigation plan to meet your unique business needs. When you hire a senior executive attorney from Houston Business Law Group, you get both a business consultant and attorney for one reasonable price.

Business Formation

Houston Business Law Group is exceedingly well qualified to assist with the establishment and operation of businesses. The firm’s senior attorney has drafted hundreds of LLC and partnership agreements, each requiring specific attention to the unique needs of each company. View his attorney profile here:

We will guide you through all aspects of the formation and management including the development of governing documents needed to ensure that the future operation of the business is consistent with your distinct preferences and objectives. If you are starting a new business, business lawyer Houston will help with all of your start-up needs, including:

  • Selecting the proper entity form (LLC, corporation or partnership) for your business depending on both legal and tax considerations
  • Identifying the most favorable jurisdiction for formation
  • Drafting comprehensive and personalized formation documents
  • Addressing employment and regulatory compliance issues
  • Creating and implementing appropriate third-party contracts and business plans

Business lawyer Houston provides business management and asset protection services to small businesses and entrepreneurs in the Washington, DC metropolitan area.

Below is a list of Houston business law services we offer:

  • Contract Disputes
  • Unfair and Deceptive Trade Practices
  • Bankruptcy and Creditors’ Rights
  • Fraud and Embezzlement
  • Real Estate Litigation
  • Construction and Development Disputes
  • Debt Collection
  • Business Torts
  • Guaranty Agreement Defense
  • Shareholder and Partner Disputes
  • Non-Compete Agreements
  • Arbitration and Mediation
  • Appeals and Constitutional Claims
  • All Business Law Disputes

Houston Business Law Group
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Apple CEO Tim Cook said that so-called “spiritual objection” legislation being introduced in a number of states is dangerous and bad for business.

The bills, like the one enacted last week in Indiana, create a legal structure for people, mostly company owner, to assert that a law or regulation mandated by the government borrows on their religions.

In an op-ed piece for The Washington Post, the leader of the country’s largest corporation said that the expenses under consideration “have the potential to reverse years of development towards greater equality.”.

He cited actions taken by legislators in Texas, Indiana and Arkansas, however said that a “wave of legislation” has been presented in more than two dozen states.

Cook stated he was opposing the legislation on behalf of Apple Inc. He came out as gay in October, saying that he wanted to make a difference for others.

In a letter he composed then, Cook said, “there are laws on the books in a bulk of states that permit employers to fire individuals based solely on their sexual preference. There are numerous locations where proprietors can force out tenants for being gay, or where we can be barred from going to ill partners and sharing in their heritages. Countless people, particularly children, deal with worry and abuse every day because of their sexual preference.”.

Cook stated in his criticism of spiritual objection laws that he has great respect for religious freedom, but that it can never be “used as an excuse to discriminate.”.

The legislation is not a political or spiritual issue, but rather “about how we treat each other as people,” Cook stated.

“Opposing discrimination takes nerve. With the lives and self-respect of a lot of people at stake, it’s time for everybody to be daring,” Cook said.


More than 2 dozen El Paso County water basins that hold back flood debris and guarantee local water quality are caught up in an unforeseen fight over water rights, putting the basins at the mercy of state lawmakers.

Colorado Springs energy and stormwater managers, in addition to nonprofits accuseded of managing recovery in the Waldo Canyon fire burn scar, were taken aback last fall when the state declared that 25 of the 30 significant basins violate a state statute that avoids saved water from affecting other water rights. In a January follow-up letter, the Colorado Division of Water Resources said unless the handful of entities that handle the basins can pay for to change some of the lost water, they might face legal action from the state.

However the letter might all be for naught, if an expense clarifying water use in basins passes through the Colorado Legislature this spring. Senate Bill 212, sponsored by Sen. Jerry Sonnenberg, R-Sterling, would permit retention basins to hold water for 72 hours without requiring firms to offset lost water.

However this is more than a tiff over water rights. The letter threatens some of the most efficient life-saving tools in western El Paso County, stated Theresa Springer, ecological education organizer for the Coalition for the Upper South Platte, referred to as CUSP. The 25 basins noted in the letter catch flood debris rushing off the Waldo Canyon burn scar – debris that has actually declared lives and harmed homes and roads in the county because the 2012 fire.

“This is the most significant device in our tool box,” Springer stated of the basins. “Today, we’ve got all our hopes on this bill.”.

Although the basins have ended up being a crucial part of post-fire flood mitigation in the county, some were built without considering state requirements, said Steve Witte, a department engineer with the state who sent out the letter.

Witte visited the basins with Springer last summer, and Springer had no idea the basins were in violation till she read the letter, she said.

Witte identified that the basins break state standards because they do not make provisions for lost water to downstream junior rights users.

“We described some parameters under which these basins could be built,” Witte stated. “However when we investigated, we discovered those specifications had actually not been observed. That’s what created some concerns for us.”.

Most of the basins examined hold water for 72 hours, throughout which time they gradually drain. When it pertains to basins, that’s a practice that Colorado has actually constantly enabled, although it had not been officially on the books, stated Tim Mitros, the stormwater engineer for the city of Colorado Springs, which likewise got a copy of the letter from Witte. To his understanding, this is the very first time that the de facto 72-hour rule has been challenged, Mitros added.

The letter likewise calls into question state-mandated detention basins that are needed to ensure water quality, Mitros stated.

According to the letter, those type of basins are likewise in offense of junior water rights.

Springer said CUSP can not afford to purchase additional water rights to offset exactly what its basins hold.

In Colorado, “water is more valuable than gold,” Mitros joked.

Witte stated he is safeguarding the water rights of those who live in a drought-stricken watershed. The basins have no right to hold water, particularly from junior water rights holders who depend on excess water.

“They are amongst those who are entitled to get water when there is a lack, and there is always a lack,” Witte said.

There are a range of fixes for the circumstance, Witte stated, however none strikes a perfect balance in between the needs of recovery supervisors and junior water rights holders, he included.

“The ponds could be completed, however that does not afford any flood security. Not every option is a sufficient one for everybody,” he stated.

The most common option would be for firms like CUSP and Colorado Springs Utilities, between several others, to purchase water rights. While it might be the easiest option for Witte, purchasing more water would be expensive and probably not feasible for others, Mitros stated.

“There is no water offered to purchase to offset that,” Springer stated. “We are in the business of conserving lives. Why would we invest the cash to buy that water?”.

Now everything depends upon the outcome of Senate Bill 212, which is expected to be heard in the Senate’s Agriculture, Natural Resources and Energy committee April 9.

Sonnenberg might not be grabbed comment Tuesday.

Although Witte requested that action be taken by April 1, he said he will wait to act until the legislative session is over. CUSP, along with the city of Colorado Springs, the U.S. Forest Service and Colorado Springs Utilities, will also be waiting to see if the costs passes.

As for exactly what will happen if the bill gets eliminated, nobody had a guess.

“I don’t know exactly what will occur,” Mitros said. “I believe the state needs to get that figured out in between itself initially.”.